How To Overcome Disappointment On The Scales

I’ve had some constructive conversations with the OHPT community recently. It's one of my favourite parts of what I do; getting to know the community I serve beyond the ’lose weight and tone up’ schtick. Something I’ve picked up on is we seem to place a whole heap of stress, frustration, anxiety and disappointment around ‘events’ in our health and fitness journey. By events, as an example I mean: Jumping on the scales; Lifting meets; … [Read more...]

The 5 Nutrition Habits Cheat Sheet

“Which is more important for fat loss, diet or exercise?” When it comes to optimal health, I believe that exercise and nutrition are equally important factors of the same question. And while I cannot take you through a workout via the written word, thanks to Precision Nutrition's habit-based coaching model I can give you a ‘cheat sheet’ to help you navigate your nutrition questions. Whether you are new to eating well (and may ask questions … [Read more...]

One Habit At A Time

You are really smart. You know that eating fruit and vegetables is good for your health and wellbeing. Obviously replacing soft drinks and alcohol with water and green tea is not impossible. Getting sufficient sleep is a pillar of optimal health. And with the right coaching, lifting weights and including moderate-intensity workouts to your exercise regime is not that overwhelming. Like I said, you are really smart. You know that doing all … [Read more...]

Big Moments Matter

To watch the video on why big moments matter, click here. The Games of the 31st Olympiad have come and gone. I love the Olympics! The athleticism, the story lines, the inspiring moments, the preparation, the history and everything else that we get to experience once every four years. To me, sport has the ability to transcend barriers and differences. Sport can bring people together. We can also learn valuable lessons from Olympic athletes and … [Read more...]

But Why Lift Weights?

"But why lift weights? Why not cardio?" I often get asked this question. Its popularity is on par with: “Should I eliminate [insert latest demonised food group here] from my diet?” (It depends, but probably not); “Where are my abs?” (Where they've always been); "How tall are you?" (6'4"); “Do you even lift?” (That's mean, but yes). I'm often asked why the training programs at Optimal Health Personal Training are based around … [Read more...]

Journey To Optimal Health: 5 Things You Should Know When Getting Started

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. ~ Mark Twain Never in our history have we had easier and faster access to information. If you search for 'how to lose weight', you will instantly be hit with over 51 million results! Our lives are becoming more instant; we drive to the shops to collect our pre-packed groceries; shopping is done from your lounge room; social interaction is via hand held devices. However, as a general population … [Read more...]

Nothing Beats Starting

I love movies. All types, except horror, are fair game; Action, adventure, thriller, sci-fi, romance, comedy, big budget, low budget, classics, foreign. If done properly, a movie can elicit emotions very few experiences in life can. The whole experience of going to watch a movie at a cinema is a treat these days, with the ‘home cinema experience’ so easily available (and cheaper). Call me old fashioned, the process of taking out a second … [Read more...]

Give Yourself Permission

I don’t think we give ourselves enough permission to fail, succeed, change, to enjoy, to love or to stop. To not be so busy that a day becomes a blur and weeks become a fleeting moment. Stop right now.  Stop reading and take just a moment and think – what have you learnt in the last hour, 24 hours or week? What memories, relationships and experiences have you relished in? I will wait for you. Now what approval do you need to give … [Read more...]

Focus On It, But Don’t Sweat On It

There is a time to focus on the goal. It will always be the intrinsically driving and motivating reason why you do what you do. A question I always ask my clients is, “If time and money weren’t an issue, how would you want your body to look and feel?” Ask yourself this question now. Once we have it crystal clear in our mind and heart, we need to let it go and focus our energy into the action that takes us closer to our desired destination. Of … [Read more...]