How To Overcome Disappointment On The Scales

I’ve had some constructive conversations with the OHPT community recently. It’s one of my favourite parts of what I do; getting to know the community I serve beyond the ’lose weight and tone up’ schtick.

Something I’ve picked up on is we seem to place a whole heap of stress, frustration, anxiety and disappointment around ‘events’ in our health and fitness journey. By events, as an example I mean:

  • Jumping on the scales;
  • Lifting meets;
  • Handling nutritionally challenging scenarios with confidence;
  • Dress sizes, etc

We arrive at these supposed final destinations that we’ve been working towards, only to feel a sense of disappointment when things don’t go according to plan, or the result is not what you were expecting.
The weight of our expectations becomes suffocating, self doubt starts to creep in, you begin questioning why you even bother and can’t even remember why you began on the path in the first place.

So, how do you overcome feelings of failure and disappointment at your ‘event’?

Something that I’ve suggested recently is to flip your script on the whole process. Instead of your emphasis being solely on ‘succeeding’ at your event, your focus should be on what you have been doing leading up to the event.

What are you doing on a hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly and/or monthly basis to make your goals become a reality? Better still, what are you not doing on a consistent basis that is delaying your from achieving your goals?

Then, when your ‘event’ comes around, the weight of the world isn’t as overbearing, your expectations aren’t as lofty, and you can begin to actually enjoy your event.

For example, if I’m playing basketball but not practising, not working on my skills, not maintaining my fitness, not keeping my nutrition mostly on point, not developing my strength and not stretching regularly, it would be pretty silly to get frustrated about getting whooped by 50 in the grand final (if we even got there).

Your ‘event’ should be a celebration of what you have accomplished; what progress you’ve made; and what transformation you’ve had to go through to get you to this moment in your journey.
 If the result of your ‘event’ is not to your liking, there’s really nothing that can be done about it at that immediate moment. It’s far too late for that. However, every choice you made leading up to that moment did affect the result you’re left with.

It’s unfair on yourself to be upset by the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do.

Spend less time focusing on the ‘event’ and instead begin to focus on every choice and decision you make leading up to your ‘event’. The ‘event’ is your dessert at dinner time; there to be enjoyed and celebrated. Your actions and efforts leading up to that are your brussel sprouts and broccoli (you can make any analogy you want here about doing something you don’t like but you know is good for you).

Rather than looking at these events as conclusions, look at them as stepping stones. Measures of progress. “What did I learn from it and what am I going to do differently?”

Too many people fail, or get put off because the result wasn’t perfect. What you should be doing is continuing on.

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