If you feel like you’ve tried everything and still have not found your fitness family, look no further. Optimal Health Personal Training is not just about exercise and diet. At the core of our mission is our commitment to bring joy and passion to people’s lives through health and fitness.

Our commitment is to get our community moving well, eating better, training smart and feeling great. We call that results. We do this through a community focused approach of helping women and men get into the best shape of their lives through world-class training, personalised nutrition coaching and a culture of support, engagement and no-egos within our community. Just great company pushing each other to their limits under the guidance of our coaches and trainers.

OHPT’s approach empowers our community to lose body fat, build lean muscle, improve their energy and look and feel great, all without restrictive diets or workouts which push them to the brink.

We help real people achieve real results. If you would like help achieving your health and fitness goals, call us for a chat.

Intelligent training. Habit based nutrition. Terrible music and bad jokes.

Close enough.