Private Training

Do you want to move better and feel great? OHPT’s Personal Training services will help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted and educate you on how to keep them for life. Our coaches and trainers will work closely with you and guide you to success. Sessions are individually programmed and tailored towards your goals. Our aim is to help you become more efficient when training to maximise results and ultimately reach your goals.

OHPT’s coaches and trainers individually assess and program based on your goals, training history, medical history and lifestyle. We then discuss and advise appropriate training options and work towards reaching your goals.

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Semi-Private Training

Semi Private Training is our premier service. Enjoy the benefits of personalised programming and nutrition coaching within a small group training environment. A limit of four participants per class ensures you receive intensive coaching while reaping the benefits of a group training environment.

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Team Training

Small group training classes of up to fifteen people per session means you’ll get that extra bit of attention. Whether you want to gain strength, endurance or move more efficiently, the programs are intelligently designed to cater for beginners through to the more experienced.

Our classes are designed to deliver the highest quality training in a fun, encouraging and supportive environment. Whatever your fitness goals or levels, there is a team training class for you.


We pick heavy things up and put them back down again. Our Strength classes are designed to help you lift weights and become stronger. Each week, we encourage small progressions to ensure you progress with both technique and weight being lifted.

Add consistency to the mix and it becomes very easy to see results.


Lift weights faster. Those three words epitomise our approach to group cardio training. Metabolic resistance training, or high intensity interval training (HIIT) is an umbrella term for a strength training session that employs a series of mostly multi-joint exercises while utilising little to no rest between sets.

Our Metabolic classes include intense, full-body, short-burst routines for building muscle, burning fat, and improving overall physical fitness – all at the same time. You will maximise your body’s capacity for change during our challenging and rewarding metabolic classes.

Boxing For Fitness

Although we won’t get you ready to duke it out for the heavyweight title belt, you will feel like a champion after attending our boxing for fitness classes.

A fun, sweat-filled and full body workout for people of all abilities. Classes are a mix of highly effective boxing for fitness workout routines, building boxing combinations and bodyweight exercises. With an emphasis on technique and safety, you will improve your power, endurance, balance and range of motion.

One of the few places you can legally punch someone and not get into trouble.

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