The 5 Nutrition Habits Cheat Sheet

“Which is more important for fat loss, diet or exercise?” When it comes to optimal health, I believe that exercise and nutrition are equally important factors of the same question. And while I cannot take you through a workout via the written word, thanks to Precision Nutrition's habit-based coaching model I can give you a ‘cheat sheet’ to help you navigate your nutrition questions. Whether you are new to eating well (and may ask questions … [Read more...]

One Habit At A Time

You are really smart. You know that eating fruit and vegetables is good for your health and wellbeing. Obviously replacing soft drinks and alcohol with water and green tea is not impossible. Getting sufficient sleep is a pillar of optimal health. And with the right coaching, lifting weights and including moderate-intensity workouts to your exercise regime is not that overwhelming. Like I said, you are really smart. You know that doing all … [Read more...]